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THE COMPANY: “” is established in the state of New York, since 2017, as a portal for real estate investors.


MISSION: “Our mission is to empower nearly 5 billion social media users worldwide to generate immediate dividends through real estate referrals and convert those dividends to Real Estate Investments.


VISION: “” aims to become the leader in the real estate market by offering a win-win solution for all players.

Business Model business model is just like AirBnB or Uber. For example:


  1. Uber recruits Drivers to move passengers from place to place, AirBnB recruits homeowners to host travelers.

  2. On Uber the Client is someone who needs to travel  and on AirBnB the client is a person(s) who needs accommodations.

  3. The Driver on Uber and the Host on AirBnB make money when the client uses their services

  4. and all communication and transaction data is managed on the website or mobile app of each platform.
  1. We at recruit Affiliates to post ads on social sites. An Affiliate is someone who needs:
    • to have full time business.
    • to have a part time business.
    • to have revenue generation hobby.
    • to develop a revenue creating career.

  2. On the Client is someone who needs:
    • to sell or buy real estate.
    • a tenant or a tenant needs a place to live.
    • a contractor or contractor who needs a job.
    • private money for real estate investment.
    • to buy investment properties.

  3. Here at Our Affiliates make money when clients uses our services.

  4. All communications, and transaction data is managed on this platform and on our mobile app


    • Our company buys properties in any condition, within the 48 contiguous US states, we close in 4 weeks, so sellers can get their money quickly. Another activity is the purchase, sale and rental of real estate of any nature in El Salvador to individuals or businesses, national or foreign.
    • To everyone selling property, we will make you an instant offer or create a marketing campaign that includes all the strategies and plans to find a buyer quickly.
    • To everyone who buys properties, we offer good deals, access to private funds, contractors and we also help them find buyers or tenants after the properties are repaired; They also have the great opportunity to become real estate investors.
    • To contractors, we offer them the opportunity to move from one contract to another; because we work with thousands of investors and building owners who are looking for contractors all the time; They also have the great opportunity to become real estate investors.
    • To our Affiliates; Potentially over 5 billion social media users, we offer them all the tools to build a great digital marketing career with 6-7 figure income, as well as the opportunity to become  real estate investors.

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