Benefits to Sellers​

Here are some scenarios where selling your property may be a good idea:​​

DIVORCE: Every time there is a divorce there can be motivation to sell real estate.

JOBS: Getting a new job, losing a job, or relocation can be motivation to sell a house.

DISTRESSED PROPERTY: Due to age, storm damage, fire, flooding, vandalism, or, unmaintained properties can quickly become liabilities that many can’t afford to fix.

ESTATES: Often heirs can’t or don’t want to care for a property. They need to sell fast

FORECLOSURES: Mortgages, tax delinquency, code violations and failure of insurance coverage can all lead owners down the road to foreclosure.

OTHER REAL ESTATE INVESTORS: Investors can come under pressure to shift assets off their books when tax rules changes or interest rate hikes. This may bring the opportunity to pick up those deals.

We help sellers in two ways:

1) One way is that we buy their properties when they need cash fast, for whatever reason. We buy properties anywhere and, in any condition, and close in 2 to 4 weeks, they don’t have to put a dime on it, just collect their money, we will even pay their closing costs, and we will make the offer on the spot.

2) The second way is that we do the work to help sellers finding buyers

1) One agent will post weekly ads on all major social media sites, detect and manage home buying conversation data of the people looking for homes in the area, then we reply to their questions, and pass your property’s details to all interested.

2) Second agent creates a drip email campaign for home buying subscribers, reply to their questions, and pass your property’s info to those interested. Also stores their names, emails and phone numbers on our database so our call center agents can contact them later.

3) Third agent will use our full featured Call Center App to reach the potential buyers in your area that we already namage on our database.

4) And finally, we will list your property in our directory for our thousands of Visitors, Affiliates and Investors to see it,  many of them may buy it themselves or refer family and friends, because when they refer the buyer they get paid a finder’s fee.

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