Financial Education

Financial Education

Many experts have shown us that the financial situation of 100 people after 65 years of age, is as follows:
  • 1 is a millionaire
  • 4 are middle class
  • and 95 are poor or dead.

What did poor people do wrong?

Nothing. They simply learned the financial education language of poor people.

Financial Education language is learned in the same way that we learn English or Spanish, by seeing and listening. 95% of people see the scarcity of money at home, they see their parents and everyone around running for money and the only thing they see and listen to over and over since childhood is “you have to work to eat; be happy you have food on the table and a roof over your head; just study hard and look for a secure job and that is the financial education they learn.

The financial education language of the middle class

is to study hard and become professionals or contractors, but they always sell their time for money and when the body loses the energy to work, the money stops coming and without financial education many go back to poverty.

The financial education language of the rich

is different. When rich families talk, they talk about their investments, businesses, products, services, markets, and the minimum investment options to make more money.

Most rich people specialize in many investing options. Poor people and some middle class believe that investing only refers to money, but it is not true, the rich invest ideas, time, and networks and make a living off of those investments alone.

Anyone can become a successful investor if you acquire the financial education of the rich.

How long can you survive if you lose your job?

Experts have demonstrated that earning money has nothing to do with age, gender, geography, race, education or intelligence. It has to do with just one thing: “FINANCIAL EDUCATION”.

What is Financial Education and how can it be acquired?

Again financial Education is a language that only a select group of people speak. You have to look for those people and pay them to teach you just like you pay an English/Spanish teacher and practice every day to make it permanent. How much have you invested on your financial education today?

Learning Financial Education Is Learning Financial Strategies. For example:

The rich make their money from assets.

Assets are those things that produce money without having to work hard or not at all. Their income is their immediate and residual income they receive from those assets after paying expenses and liabilities.

The middle class makes their money

by exchanging time for money, “professionals and contractors” are self-employed and buy obligations like nice houses, luxury cars and expensive lifestyles; spending on obligations as much money as what they earn.

The poor, just work for money

they believe that working hard will give them a great future. They spend their money on cheap things that give them satisfaction for a moment.

95% of the population is employed or self employed, but 95% of the profits go to investors. Which group would you like to be in?


We teach you how to buy houses and how to live off of Real Estate flipping and rental income.

You will acquire the tools to achieve success in Life.

There are many good online programs that offer similar Education: Prices range widely, but Cashbay Working Capital LLC offers you this special course for FREE. Yes this time you can turn your life around, but you need to take action, Albert Einstein said: “If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing you will keep getting what you’ve always been getting.”

STOP for a moment and answer this question:

When was the last time you made money without having to work hard for it? 


Remember the program cost is $0 and $0 is a lot less than what you could make if you gave it a try.



Keep in mind that in the world there are two types of people: those who work for money and those that make money work for them. Which group would you like to be in? Do you want money to work for you?

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